Vision and Mision


BSS Study Programme has a vision "To become a world-class Bachelor of Sports Science Study Programme and can produce SPORTIF graduates (Sympathetic, Professional, Optimistic, Rational, Taqwa, Innovative, Futuristic) based on piety, independence and intelligence in 2025."


While the missions of the BSS Study Programme are: 

1. Organising education and teaching based on Noble Morals in accordance with the development of science and technology and the needs of the community, so as to produce graduates who are Sympathetic, Professional, Optimistic, Rational, Taqwa, Innovative, Futuristic based on piety, independence and intelligence, 

2. Organising research that supports the learning process, develop science, and produce appropriate technology to improve the welfare of the community, 

3. Organising community service in accordance with research results that are in accordance with the dynamics of technological development so that a healthy and prosperous society through sports and health-conscious sports community, 

4. Establishing mutually beneficial collaborations with related parties both in the context of teaching, research and community service, 

5. Maintaining an academic atmosphere that ensures the quality and synergy in the implementation of study programmes in a systematic, efficient and democratic manner so as to support the achievement of the study programme's vision.